C-Nav launches new C-NavC2 full constellation GNSS correction services

C-Nav releases a second independent full constellation (GPS & GLONASS) GNSS correction service called C-NavC2. C-Nav customers now benefit from two independent and orbit correction messages produced by two independent processing hubs as well as two independent satellite networks, Net-1 and Net-2. C-NavC2 sets the new industry standard in redundancy, accuracy, stability and convenience.

C-NavC2 features include GLONASS and a GPS (GNSS) clock, as well as orbit correctors (Galileo and COMPASS planned). It provides a fully independent suite of clock and orbit correction algorithms, and fully independent servers in geographically separated processing centers. Features also include a second independent global network of C-Nav dual frequency GPS / GLONASS reference stations equipped with Sapphire© based technology, and simultaneously broadcasts from two independent satellite networks (Net-1 and Net-2).

The C-Nav subscription service now called C-NavC1 remains unaffected and continues to provide customers with full GPS clock and orbit correctors. C-NavC1 has proven reliability since 2000, featuring JPL/NASA clock and orbit based C-Nav proprietary correction algorithms. Continuing to feature the joint ITRF/ C-Nav global network of dual frequency reference sites, fully independent servers in geographically separated processing centers and simultaneous broadcasts from two independent satellite networks (Net-1 and Net-2).

The C-Nav3050 receiver combined with the C-NavC2 subscription service delivers PPP correctors for all operational GNSS satellites, showing significantly enhanced performance in shaded conditions and increased position accuracy. There is up to 20 percent reduction in PPP start-up pull-in time accuracy, now with two completely independent solutions available (C-NavC1 and C-NavC2). There are no additional fees for access to the new C-NavC2 correction service, giving users the best of both worlds.

Friday, April 1, 2011

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