Hemisphere GPS Announces New LX-2 L-Band OEM Board

Hemisphere GPS introduces the LX-2, a new second generation L-Band differential GPS OEM receiver board. The new LX-2 augments Hemisphere GPS' Crescent P100 and Eclipse P200 GPS receivers with OmniSTAR differential HP, XP or VBS signal support.

This reliable and globally available differential GPS option is one of several differential solutions offered by Hemisphere GPS. By tracking L-Band satellite-based differential signal corrections, LX-2 improves standalone GPS positions. It improves the position accuracy of Eclipse receivers to sub-decimeter levels and Crescent receivers to half-meter levels.

With the included subscriber access functionality, customers can activate subscriptions remotely via satellite uplink. While LX-2 automatically tracks the best available satellite broadcast, customers have the option to manually set which satellite to track. Additionally, LX-2 is supported by Hemisphere GPS' exclusive COAST technology to ensure accuracy is maintained during temporary loss of the differential signal.

LX-2 is designed for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers that want to augment P200 and P100 series boards with L-Band differential capability. LX-2 has the same form factor as the P200 and P100 and is directly compatible for convenient integration. Hemisphere GPS plans to integrate this new technology into existing and future GPS and GNSS receiver products.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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